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General Admission: Pre-Sale (Thinkery)
From 9/2/2015 through 9/30/2015

THE THINKERY is an evolution of the Austin Children’s Museum. It’s Austin’s sparkling new home for “why” and “how.” A place where science and families play side by side. Where people connect with ideas by doing, making and experiencing. It’s a foundry for a new generation of innovators and creative problem solvers. And it’s a heck of a good time.

El Thinkery es una evolución del Museo para Ninos en Austin. Es el hogar nuevo de Austin para “porque” y “como.” Un lugar donde ciencias y familias juegan. Donde personas pueden conectarse con ideas haciendo, fabricando, y experimentando. Es la fundición para la nueva generación innovadores y solucionadores de problemas. ¡Y se van a divertir mucho!
Baby Bloomers: Nursery Rhymes, Little Boy Blue (Thinkery)
On 9/5/2015

Join us as we begin our exploration of classic nursery rhymes! This week will be all about Little Boy Blue. We will blow our horns to gather the sheep, mix colors with handprints, explore the color blue and much more!
Early Learners Workshop: Color Creations (Program Room 1)
On 9/5/2015

Join us as we explore the world of color! Together, we’ll make artistic creations with circle painting while mixing it up with color blending and shapes.

Ages 12 - 24 months.

Acompañanos mientras exploramos el mundo de color! Juntos haremos creaciones artísticas con pinturas en círculo mientras lo cambiamos mezclando colores y formas.

Edades: 12-24 meses.
Kitchen Lab Workshop: Candle Making (Kitchen Lab)
On 9/5/2015

Combine art and science by mixing ingredients to make your own fragrant colorful candle!

Ages 4 - 7 years.

Combina el arte y la ciencia mezclando ingredientes para hacer tu propia vela colorida!

Edades 4-7 años.
Deluxe Birthday Party (Thinkery)
From 9/5/2015 through 1/31/2016

Take your party to the next level with this Deluxe option! This 2-hour party option includes a private birthday party room, self-guided activities to entertain guests as they gather in the room, plus an exclusive 45-60 minute educator-led activity designed to make for a memorable party. Additionally, each participating child leaves with a free pass to return to the Thinkery. What a cool party favor! Party goers enjoy unlimited access to the museum after the party and/or 1 hour prior to afternoon parties!

Con nuestra opción de lujo, eleva tu fiesta al siguiente nivel! Esta opción de 2 horas incluye un cuarto privado para fiesta de cumpleaños, actividades autoguiadas para entratener a los acompañantes mientras llegan los demás invitados, y también 45 a 60 minutos exclusivos de actividades conducidas por un educador diseñadas para una fiesta memorable. Adicionalmente, cada niño participante recibirá un boleto de entrada gratuita para regresar al Thinkery. Todos los invitados disfrutaran de acceso ilimitado al museo después de la fiesta y/o 1 hora antes de las fiestas vespertinas!
Private Birthday Party Room (Thinkery)
From 9/5/2015 through 1/31/2016

Keep it simple and create a home base for your birthday party. Thinkery will provide you with a private party room for 2 hours that includes tables, chairs, buntings and table coverings. Additionally, a birthday party coordinator will be onsite to assist with questions and…here’s the best part…handle all of the clean up. Party goers enjoy unlimited access to the museum after the party and/or 1 hour prior to afternoon parties!

Mantenlo sencillo y elige tu casa como base para tu fiesta. El Thinkery proveerá con un cuarto privado para fiesta de cumpleaños por 2 horas que incluye mesas, sillas, banderines y cubiertas de mesa. Adicionalmente, un coordinador de fiestas estará disponible en case de que tenga alguna pregunta y lo mejor de todo… se encargará de la limpieza. Todos los invitados disfrutaran de acceso ilimitado al museo después de la fiesta y/o 1 hora antes de las fiestas vespertinas!
Space 8 Workshop: 3D Printing (Space 8)
On 9/6/2015

Gets a broad overview of how 3D modeling and printing works, and dive into making your own 3D print.

Ages 8 and up.

Descubre como funciona modelar e imprimir en tercera dimensión, y crea tu propia impresión!

Edades 8+.
Members Only Hours: Pre-Sale (Thinkery)
From 9/6/2015 through 10/4/2015

It’s almost like having the Thinkery all to yourself! Your family can play side by side with science and enjoy all the great activities and innovative exhibits the Thinkery offers - before we open to the public. The Thinkery is open early the first Sunday of every month from 8:30-10 am exclusively for Members. Reservations are recommended.

Limited walk-up tickets will be made available.
Baby Bloomers: Nursery Rhymes, Hey Diddle Diddle (Thinkery)
On 9/12/2015

Let’s go on an adventure with the cat and the fiddle! We will investigate exploding moon rocks, use our art skills to make a cow jump over the moon, explore soapy foam and more!
Early Learners Workshop: Mini Maestros! (Program Room 1)
On 9/12/2015

Discover sound and music through making! Play drums, make harmonicas and shake maracas as we sing and dance in a workshop filled with music.

Ages 24 - 36 months.

Descubre sonido y música mediante fabricación! Toca los tambores, haz harmónicas y sacude las maracas mientras bailamos y cantamos en un taller lleno de música.

Edades 24 - 36 meses.
Space 8 Workshop: Programming with Scratch (Space 8)
On 9/12/2015

Have you ever wanted to create your own computer program? We’ll show you how! Join us in Space8 to learn Scratch, a programming language for Kids!

Ages 8 and up.

¿Haz querido hacer tu propio programa de computadora? Nosotros te podemos ensenar! Vengan a Espacio 8 (Space 8), para aprender Scratch, un lenguaje de programación para niños!

Edades 8 y más.
Kitchen Lab Workshop: Science Bites (Kitchen Lab)
On 9/13/2015

It is time to be a science-chef! Molecular gastronomy is a branch of food science that blends chemistry with delicious food to create unique appearances. Come try out this unique style of cooking that blends science and food, learn three unique recipes in our kitchen laboratory, such as fruit caviar, popping chocolate strawberries and more!

Ages 8 and up.

Es tiempo de ser un chef científico! Gastronomía molecular es una rama de ciencia de los alimentos que mezcla la química con comida deliciosa para crear apariencias únicas. Ven e intenta este estilo único de cocinar que combina la ciencia y la comida, aprende 3 recetas únicas en nuestro laboratorio de cocina, como caviar de frutas, fresas cubiertas de chocolate y más!

Edades 8+.
Early Learners Workshop: Edible Science! (Program Room 1)
On 9/19/2015

In a workshop geared towards our youngest learners we will investigate science with edibles. We’ll create gooey sludge from potatoes, explore color changing rice and make fizzing pudding to paint with!

Ages 12 - 24 months.

En un taller enfocado para nuestros aprendices más jóvenes, investigaremos ciencia comestible. Crearemos barro pegajoso con papas, exploraremos cómo cambia de color el arroz y haremos pudding gaseoso para poder pintar con él!

Edades 12 - 24 meses.
Baby Bloomers: Nursery Rhymes, Humpty Dumpty (Thinkery)
From 9/19/2015 through 9/21/2015

Discover what happened when Humpty fell off the wall! We will attempt to put Humpty back together again, create egg shaker paintings, explore magical hatching eggs and much more!
Kitchen Lab Workshop: Sea Stars Dissection (Kitchen Lab)
From 9/19/2015 through 9/26/2015

Learn the basic anatomy of an echinoderm while improving your dissection and observation skills. In this fun and unique workshop students will dissect their own sea star to explore these invertebrates.

Ages 8 and up.

Aprende la anatomía básica de un equinodermo mientras mejoramos tus habilidades de disecación y observación. En este divertido y inigualable taller, los estudiantes disecarán su propia estrella de mar para explorar esto invertebrados.

Edades 8+.
Spark Shop Workshop: Paper Making (Spark Shop)
From 9/19/2015 through 9/27/2015

Roll up your sleeves and make your own unique paper. Start with recycled paper or other fibers, create a slurry, and turn into stationary to take home.

Ages 4 - 7.

Arremángate y crea tu propio papel único. Empieza con papel reciclable u otras fibras y conviértelo em tu propia papelería que podrás llevarte a casa!

Edades 4 - 7.
Early Learners Workshop: Autumn Apples (Program Room 1)
On 9/26/2015

Apples aren’t just for eating! Join us in a celebration of autumn as we explore fun with apples! We will make apples explode, create with apple prints and discover how to make apple seeds bounce and jump.

Ages 24 - 36 months.

Las manzanas no sólo son para comer! Acompáñanos en una celebración otoñal mientras exploramos las manzanas! Haremos explotar las manzanas, haremos creaciones con impresiones de manzanas y descubriremos cómo hacer rebotar las semillas de las manzanas.

Edades 24 - 36 meses
Baby Bloomers: Nursery Rhymes, Twinkle Twinkle (Thinkery)
From 9/26/2015 through 9/28/2015

Join us as we explore twinkling stars and other things that glow! We will explore glow in the dark foam, create starry night masterpieces, make frozen stars fizzle and much, much more!
Early Learners Workshop: Sound Symphony (Program Room 1)
On 10/3/2015

We invite our youngest explorers to investigate the world of sound and music! We’ll tap into rhythm with tambourines, splash some notes with water instruments and even use paintbrushes and bells to jingle with.

Ages 12 - 24 months.
Kitchen Lab Workshop: Whisks & Wizards (Kitchen Lab)
From 10/3/2015 through 10/4/2015

Join us in Kitchen Lab while we explore the culinary world of wizards! We’ll mix up some tasty, warm and buttery brews to pair with deliciously filled chocolate frogs.

Ages 8 and up.
Baby Bloomers: Nursery Rhymes, Jack & Jill (Thinkery)
From 10/3/2015 through 10/5/2015

Discover what happened to Jack & Jill after they went up the hill! We’ll make crowns, investigate frozen jewels, explore sand foam and much more!
Spark Club: Costume Design (Space 8)
On 10/7/2015

Join us in Space 8 as we make creepies, crawlies, and things that go bump in the night. Learn the basics of textile design, circuitry, and 3D printing to create our own costumes, fake scabs, and gory props just in time for Halloween!

Art Start: Under the Sea (12-24 Months) (Program Room 1)
From 10/7/2015 through 11/25/2015

Paint with pudding, dive into dough and create unique art while discovering new textures! Explore multi-sensory experiences that allow little ones to safely engage their artisitic side by creating and making with a variety of materials. Each week, our exploration will vary as we combine music, movement and making with art.

Ages 12 - 24 months.
Tinkering Tots: Outdoor Explorers (24-36 Months) (Program Room 1)
From 10/7/2015 through 11/25/2015

In this class, children will explore early engineering skills through play! Children will investiage how materials connect and combine to make something new. Each week, they’ll tinker and make with different materials, sing songs, read stories and build something new!

Ages 24 - 36 months.
1, 2, 3 Count With Me: Patterns (12-24 Months) (Program Room 1)
From 10/9/2015 through 11/27/2015

This fun-filled class will keep everyone moving and grooving as we tap, clap and explore early math concepts together! Chant numbers along to a beat, play instruments with our favorite songs andcombine art and math for an integrated approach.

Ages 12 - 24 months.
Art Start: Under the Sea (24-36 Months) (Program Room 1)
From 10/9/2015 through 11/27/2015

Paint with pudding, dive into dough and create unique art while discovering new textures! Explore multi-sensory experiences that allow little ones to safely engage their artisitic side by creating and making with a variety of materials. Each week, our exploration will vary as we combine music, movement and making with art.

Ages 24 - 36 months.
Baby Bloomers: Nursery Rhymes, Hickory Dickory Doc (Thinkery)
On 10/10/2015

Hickory Dickory Dock the mouse went up the clock! Join us as we create our own clocks, make flying rocket mice, explore sound and much more!
Early Learners Workshop: Fall Fun! (Program Room 1)
On 10/10/2015

Join the Thinkery team as we celebrate fall! Together, we’ll explore fall colors with stained “glass”, experiment with wax paper and crayon collages, and make fantastic fall leaf creations.

Ages 24 - 36 months.
Space 8 Workshop: Bat Boxes (Space 8)
From 10/10/2015 through 10/11/2015

Join the Thinkery team as we explore the world of color. We’ll make artistic creations with circle painting, color blending and combining shapes together!

Ages 8 and up.
Early Learners Workshop: Things That Glow! (Program Room 1)
On 10/17/2015

Join us as we turn off the lights and have fun with things that glow! Together, we’ll deepen our senses by investigating glittering slime and glowing foam. We’ll use sand and paint to create a different look and feel while exploring our world in the dark.

Ages 12 - 24 months.
Baby Bloomers: Nursery Rhymes, Jack Be Nimble (Thinkery)
From 10/17/2015 through 10/19/2015

Be nimble, be quick and jump over your own candle stick creation at this Baby Bloomers! We’ll also catapult marshmallows, explore squishy Jello and use our senses to investigate what goes into a delicious apple pie.
Early Learners Workshop: Crazy Creations! (Program Room 1)
On 10/24/2015

In this workshop, we’ll explore how art and science interact! We’ll investigate different shapes, colors and texture while making sculptures with silly faces, marbleizing canvases with shaving cream, and watching in wonder while gravity changes our creations.

Ages 24 - 36 months.
Spark Shop Workshop: Superhero Capes (Spark Shop)
From 10/24/2015 through 10/25/2015

It’s time to get super-stitched in Spark Shop! Learn the basics of sewing while designing your own unique superhero cape!

Ages 4 - 7.
Baby Bloomers: Nursery Rhymes, Itsy Bitsy Spider (Thinkery)
From 10/24/2015 through 10/26/2015

Explore the smallest spider you ever did see with handmade spider puppets!! Have fun catching and collecting spiders, investigate frozen ice spiders and design your own spider creations in our spider dough!
Thinkery21: Murder in the Museum (21 & up only) (Thinkery)
On 10/29/2015

Who killed one of the Thinkery’s staff members? Try to solve the case using crime scene investigation techniques.
Family Night: Halloween Hootenanny (Thinkery)
On 10/30/2015

Early Learners Workshop: Pumpkin Play! (Program Room 1)
On 10/31/2015

Join us as we play with pumpkins! We’ll explore our senses as we make pumpkin play dough and pumpkin slime. Together, we’ll experiment with different shapes, textures and colors to decorate our very own Jack-O-Lanterns!

Ages 12 - 24 months.
Baby Bloomers: Nursery Rhymes, 5 Little Pumpkins (Thinkery)
From 10/31/2015 through 11/2/2015

Get ready for some fun playing with pumpkins! Investigate pumpkin guts, create pumpkin prints and explore pumpkin sensory dough!
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